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Creative Schizophrenia

I really believe there's something to the saying that writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. I'm thinking it's much more like having multiple personality disorder myself. When your mind goes into that creative space you cease to exist, just like when you read, and something else takes over. I keep a note book [...]

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Smile and the word smiles back at you. Have you ever heard that saying? It’s true. My father is the one who taught me to smile at the world. He was an ex-Navy SEAL and the man was full of wisdom. He could charm you, or make you angry, all with a smile on his [...]



I want to chat a bit about the lost forms of communication. Do you remember the days when nobody had a cell phone? Back then I knew people's phone numbers. Now I'm lucky if I remember my own number without checking my phone. Now it's difficult to get people on the phone. Have you ever [...]


The Beginning

I’ve been asked many times how I got started writing. Many writers will tell you they’ve always wanted to be an author or they’ve been writing their whole lives. This wasn’t the case for me. I’ll tell you about the beginning of my life as a writer. I have been a reader my whole life, [...]

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