Smile and the word smiles back at you. Have you ever heard that saying? It’s true. My father is the one who taught me to smile at the world. He was an ex-Navy SEAL and the man was full of wisdom. He could charm you, or make you angry, all with a smile on his face.

Even complete strangers will smile back if you make eye contact. It’s funny really. People are so closed off from each other that it’s kind of weird if someone actually looks you in the eye. I was the best customer service rep in my youth because I knew how to speak “to” people instead of “at” them. Even if you’re on the phone a smile is conveyed in your voice. I could calm down the most difficult person with a smile in my voice and a little understanding. A smile is a powerful thing.

Do you want to let someone know they have pleased you? Smile.

Do you want to make someone feel comfortable? Smile.

Do you want to make yourself feel better? Smile.

I think I am running with this line of thought tonight because I’m trying to teach my girls the lessons my father taught me. Being a young person if tough stuff. Trying to teach girls to carry themselves like ladies in a world full of accepted rudeness and constant negativity is difficult. So I tell them to smile at the world, even when it’s tough and you want to curse at it instead. Smile at the cranky cashier. Be polite to the rude customer you are waiting on. Look people in the eye and pay attention when they speak to you. Never let someone else’s negative change your positive. It was a hard lesson to learn and it’s an even harder lesson to teach in today’s world.

Smile and the world smiles back at you. I dare you to test the theory for one day. I bet the results will make you smile.